Ideal BAS 51 [20723]

Model: BAS 51.
Flash Butt welding Machine for Band Saw Blades.
Pneumatic clamping.
Annealing pyrometer.
Year of manufacture: 1988.
Automatic annealing temperature control.
Tested, used working condition.
Welding ranges:
Band saw blades for wood: 6-50 [mm].
Bi-metal bandsaw: 6-38 [mm].
HSS bandsaw: 19-25 [mm].
Stainless steel bandsaw: 10-30 [mm].
Clamping force: 5 [KN].
Weight: cca. 500 [kg].
Dimensions (W*D*H): 1400*900*1500 [mm].
Instructions in French and packing included.
Delivery from stock.