Portable Bandsaw Blades

Silicon band saw blades for mobile saw mill

Portable Bandsaw Blades 1 - SILICON + / Saws & PressesMade of silicon steel specially adopted for portable sawmill like Wood Mizer, Forestor, Baker etc. Wood band saw blades, toothed, in coils, Portable Bandsaw Blades 2 - SILICON + / Saws & Presses i.d. 400 mm, non-set, non-sharpened. Made of silicon strip steel variation D6A specially adopted for band saw blades used at portable sawmills. Length of coils supplied per request or in standard 50 m rolls and in “Easy – Pull” boxes Widths from 32 mm up to and including 38 mm. All standard tooth shapes and tooth pitch from 19 up to 25 mm or per special customers drawing. And all standard and non standard widths and thicknesses.

Portable Bandsaw Blades 3 - SILICON + / Saws & Presses Portable Bandsaw Blades 4 - SILICON + / Saws & Presses

Tooth form WMS and WMO. Pitches available:19, 22 and 25 mm On request, blades can be delivered with tooth tip hardened for extreme sharpness and durability. As per standards EN 10132-4/EN 10140 Cold rolled Hardened and Tempered Tensile strength 1450 N/mm² Dry bright white polished or gold, Smooth Surface, One edge toothed. With inspection Certificate acc. to EN 10204/3.1 B And Certificate of origin. With inerasable dark black label on strip every half meter of lengths Sharp & Strong – SILICON™ Supplied in toothed coils in wooden “Easy pull” boxes. Coils Wrapped in oilpaper and canvas on wooden pallets of max 1500 kg.

Standard sizes
Widths mm Thickness mm Weight kg/m
32.oo 1.00 0.251
32.oo 1.10 0.276
35.oo 1.00 0.275
35.oo 1.10 0.302
38.oo 1.00 0.301
38.oo 1.10 0.331

Narrow blades in Easy pull boxes, ready for air-cargo:

Portable Bandsaw Blades 5 - SILICON + / Saws & Presses

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