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We are specialized producers of wood bandsaw blades made exclusively of best Swiss steel under European norms and with quality certificate insurance.

Silicon Plus Co., Ltd is family  small company and fully responsible and flexible to meet any customer demand.

Our company is founded in 1986 and for more than 35 years we are producing woodworking band saw blades with confirmed quality and tight tolerances. Cold rolling in modern mills gives close thickness tolerances and fine smooth surfaces.

Our wood bandsaw blades brand name is Sharp and Strong. Producing two main types of blades Flex™ and Silicon™.

Flex™ blades are used for production of narrow and wide standard woodworking bandsaw blades.

Silicon™ type of blades is used at portable saw mills like Wood-Mizer, Forestor, etc.

Beside band saw blades we entered into supplying producers of band saw blades with machinery for high speed stamping, manufacture of band saw blades with strip servo feeder and auxiliary equipment for stamping , like coilers and re-coilers, stamping tools, band saw blade setting machines etc. Also, we are selling high speed Bruderer, Mabu and Schaal presses and used welding machines for band saw blades, mostly brand ideal, which is absolute quality leader in blade welding machinery.

The high standard of quality exhibited by our products is the result of research and market observation transformed into the practice of application. We like to think that we know what we are talking about and we’ll help without obligation. On photos below is our offices and production shop, located in the heart of Europe, near Belgrade airport. We invite all customers to visit us, check our production process and test machinery in work before making decision to purchase. Even if do what ever we can and customer is not satisfied we will help, repair or refund.