Ideal BAS 052 [23324]

Model: BAS 052.
Automatic Flash Butt Welding Machine for Band Saw Blades.
Pneumatic clamping.
Annealing pyrometer.
Inserting bar for blade positioning.
UniOp automatic annealing temperature control.
Machine cleaned and repainted.
Year of manufacture: 2002.
Nominal primary voltage: 230 [V AC].
Max. welding rating: 25 [kVA].
Clamping force: 40 [kN].
Forging force: 10 [kN].
Welding ranges.
Band saw blades for wood: 15-100 [mm].
Bi-metal bandsaw: 6-50 [mm].
Hoop knives: 10-50 [mm].
Stainless steel bandsaw: 10-50 [mm].
Weight: 460 [kg].
Dimensions (W*D*H): 1200*1050*1350 [mm].
Instructions and packing included.

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