STA 30/600 Servo

High Speed Automatic Punching Press.
Machine with CE certificate and EUR1 certificate of European origin.
Equipped with synchronized Silicon SFS servo feeder for strip.
Siemens PLC controlled by touch screen logical interface control.
Numerically controlled stamping process (CNC).
With stroke and speed counter, programmable length, auto stop.
Three working modes: Manual, One stroke and Automatic.
Pneumatic clutch and brake.
Operator’s instruction manual in English.
Stroke power: 300 [KN] (30 [tons]).
Adjustable stroke: 8-40 [mm].
Table: 540 x 300 [mm].
Adjustable speed 100 – 600 strokes per minute up to 10 in one second.
Maximum strip width: from 100 mm up to 300 [mm].
Maximum strip thickness 3.00 [mm].
Unlimited feed pitch and recipe menu for saving stamping parameters.
Servo Feed models available for order: SFS 100, SFS 200 and SFS 300.
Central lubrication.
Power consumption 5.5 [kW] + Servo 2.3 [kW].
Technical Air 5-10 [bar].
Warranty: 1 year.
All specifications non-binding , subject to change without notice.