• Bruderer Automatic Precision Punching Press
  • Type BSTA 20.
  • Max. Pressure: 200 kN (20 T).
  • Speed range: 100 – 1800 spm.
  • Hours of operation: 33000 h.
  • Adjustable stroke: 8; 9.5; 13; 17; 21; 25; 32; 38.
  • Mains voltage: 220 V.
  • Fitted with roller-gripper feed unit BBV 190/85.
  • Max. strip width: 160 mm.
  • Max. strip thickness: 4 mm
  • Max. feeding pitch: 85 mm
  • Fitted with Data Instruments Wintriss DiPro 1500 Die Protection Programmable Cam Switch.

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Max. Pressure: 200 kN (20 T)

Speed range: 100 – 1800 spm

Year of production: 1987

Hours of operation: 33000 h

Fitted with roller-gripper feed unit BBV 190/85 on left-hand side.

Feeding cycle: 180 Deegres

Max. strip width: 160 mm

Max. strip thickness: 4 mm

Max. feeding pitch: 85 mm

Adjustable stroke: 8; 9.5; 13; 17; 21; 25; 32; 38.

Ram height adjustment: 50 mm

Fast lifting of the ram: 40 mm

Max. Tool width clearance between columns: 380 mm

Max. Strip clearance width: 220 mm

Bed opening: 360 x 170 mm

Connected load: 20 kw

Control voltage: 24 V AC / DC

Machine dimensons: H 2325 x W 1375 x D 1115 mm

Weight of machine: cca. 3200 kg

Weight of control cabinet: cca. 420 kg

Electrical cabinet and control.

Sound insulating cabinet.

Oil pump. Oil cooler.

Fitted with spring feet dampers.

Front and rear safety guards with inspection glass.

Fitted with Data Instruments Wintriss DiPro 1500 Die Protection Programmable Cam Switch.

DiPro 1500 is an easy-to-use die protection controller which will protect your dies and press from damage. It allows unnattended press operation and eliminates the tedious settings and adjustments necessary with other units.

You make all settings for your sensors at the keyboard. And because DiPro is a microprocessor, you can save all your settings for up to 200 tools in DiPro’s electronic memory. You just recall the settings when you use the tool again.

Original press documents including: press operating manual, parts list, feeder operating manual and Wintris DiPro 1500 user manual.

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