Ideal Welder BAS 120

  • Flash butt band saw blades welding machine
  • Made in Germany
  • Model BAS 120
  • Year of manufacture: 2002
  • Capacity at 50 % 45 kVA
  • Metal bandsaws (bi-metal, tungsten) 25-105 mm
  • Wood cutting bandsaws 20-120 mm
  • Dimensions 1000 x 1350 x 1750 mm
  • Weight net/gross 625/700 kg
  • In stock also: Ideal BAS 100 and Ideal BAS 050
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  • Automatic annealing temperature control GTR with infra-red spectral pyrometer for contact-less temperature measurement including beam aiming device, LED lighting and automatic lens protection
  • IDEAL centering device ESW: For precise positioning of the band ends on the welding plane Bevynewax0
  • IDEAL hydraulic deburring device EV: For the automatic removal of the welding burr on the top and bottom face of the band during annealing
  • Automatic Thyristor annealing device with infrared spectral pyrometer for automatic adjustment of annealing temperature of several, pre-selected and graded reference values
  • Electronic parameter control UniOp for monitoring of welding current, upsetting force and welding time, with printer interface for external parameter documentation
  • Pneumatically operated centering device for strip ends in the clamping device

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